Sec State Kerry draws Keystone XL protest to Gridiron Dinner

It now appears that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are going to face protesters wherever they go until they stake this vampire and stop TransCanada's dirty pipe dream forever.

With Kerry's history of lecturing other countries about "weapons of mass destruction," he is being called to account for any approval of a pipeline that is itself being called a weapon of mass destruction.

The tar sands mines where the "oil" originates are causing First Nations children to die of cancer and other diseases. The Lakota, fearing final destruction of their way of life, are taking an "all-out" stand to stop the Keystone.It is being called the "Black Snake," a term previously used for the railroad that brought settlers, gold miners, reservations, and death.

Thousands will lose their homes to eminent domain if the pipe proceeds, and millions more may face contaminated land and water if the pipeline leaks or breaks, as tar sands pipelines are notorious for doing. Worst of all, burning all the tar sands would be an irreversable commitment to extreme climate change.