DC Juneteenth events include Million Moe March (gogo) and noise demo at DC Jail

Video-Banging pots and invoking past uprisings at the DC Jail 38 sec

On the 19th of July, Juneteenth events all over DC celebrated the 1865 end of legal slavery(excluding prison labor). Speaking of the prison labor exception, one of the events was a pot and pan banging noise protest at the DC Jail. Earlier, the "Million Moe March" go-go began at BLM Plaza and ended on U st, once known as "Black Broadway" before gentrification.

Banging a pot outside the DC Jail

Noisy reminder to jail bosses than prisoners (and prisoner uprisings) have support on the outside

Earlier: the Million Moe march gogo starts on BLM Plaza

The gogo arrives on U st

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