Pipeline protesters block White House entrances for 2nd time in 3 days

Video-setting up the blockades 3 min

On the 30th of June, activists summoned forth by frontline Indigenous activists blockaded most vehicle entrances to the White House. At 15th and Penn, one of the blockades locked to a mock oil derrick and a mock windmill.

Other blockades featured a kayak with a lockbox,a Mountain Valley Pipeline specific blockade, the Black Snake visiting the White House (17th and Penn), and more. Indigenous activists called this mobilization to demand Biden act immediately on climate change, fossil fuels, and Indigenous rights.

Activists demanded the cancellation of Enbridge Line 3 and the Mountain Valley Pipeline by name, and of all other fossil fuel pipelines and projects (DAPL etc) as well. This is not just about climate change but also poisoned water, poisoned food, cancer in Indigenous communities, women and girls disappearing around "man camps"-and an endless string of broken treaties and empty promises.

Blockaders locked to mock oil rig and windmill

Blockaders against Mountain Valley Pipeline locked to Black Snake segment

Kayak blockade against oil extraction in Alaska

Black Snake at the White House

Closeup of windmill blockade. In some blockades where extraction attempts are expected, these barrels get filled with 1,000+ pounds of concrete.

Locked down against a pandemic of climate chaos

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