Nellies gets block party/protest for 4th weekend in a row

Video-dance party as night falls on U St 16 sec

On the 2nd of July, BLM and HIPS activists once again blocked off 9th and U in front of Nellies Sports Bar. Nellies is now under investigation by both the DC atty general and the liquor board for that infamous dragging of a Black woman down the stairs

With Nellie's again missing a weekend of packed bars and lines out the door on U st, the money they are losing alone may be enough to sink them. If not, their liquor license is now in jeopardy and even outright criminal charges for that vicious Pride night assault on a Black woman are not off the table. That's not the work of BLM or HIPS, which do not go to the cops. Rather, that's the work of the DC government themselves after forcing Nellie's to turn over surveillance video of the Pride night incident where Keisha was dragged down the stairs by her hair. The "assaults" that Nellies whined about were other customers in the bar punching so-called security in an attempt to stop that brutal dragging incident. Those so-called security guards threw plenty of punches of their own, including against someone doing nothing more than recording the fracas.

At any rate, the DC government and especially the DLC (liquor control) do NOT like violent bars with repeated violent incidents inside or out front. This incident was not Nellie's first but it may well be their last-they have not been open since. Even Nellie's owners seem to know better than to go head to head against outraged community members who have vowed to keep Nellie's Sports Bar shut down for good. Any attempt to open would pit upscale white "gay" clubgoers against a diverse GLBTQ crowd outraged by the brutality there, and would be quite a volatile mix. They have lost buckets of money in the process of avoiding that scenario, showing the power of the community to punish brutality with the power of the boycott.

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