Nellie's Sports bar tries to reopen, gets shut down by protesters, reopens again

Chuck Modi video originally posted to Twitter of human chain blockade 29 sec

Update: Nellies spotted OPEN on Sun, June 18

On the 14th of July, an attempted reopening by Nellie's Sports Bar failed after community activists formed a human chain to block the doors. People are still furious about Nellie's former security guards dragging Keisha down the stairs during Pride weekend. The Friday protests were back on July 16, and on July 17 Nellies was closed, though the TV's were on and staffers inside.

The July 14th protest was a rapid response protest, hurredly organized after someone noticed Nellies was staging a "soft reopening." Protesters were back again on Friday, July 16. It was announced the following day in the Washington Blade that Nellies had hired Ruby Corado as a "community engagement" director and issued a "formal apology" to Keisha. In response, protesters have stated that Nellies still hasn't released their own security video of the incident, nor have they agreed to hold a public community listening session. Some of the demands have been met but not all of them. Also some of those in the Friday night protest Ruby Corado encountered said she should have been in the streets with them.

As of this writing, Nellies appears to be poised for another attempt at a surprise reopening, with staffers present and the bar lit up although the doors are closed

Nellies "Closed"-but staff inside and all the TVs on on July 17

Still from Chuck Modi video of human chain blockade of Nellie's Sports Bar on July 14

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