Boycott Nellie's block party not stopped by rain, bar almost totally empty

Video-Nellie's protest goes on in rain. 43 sec

Continuing rain after thunderstorms did NOT stop boycott Nellie's protesters from descending on 9th and U st. Protests over Keisha being dragged down the stairs on Pride weekend are going into their 3ed month.

Late in the protest, a man who claimed to be working for MPD tried to order an Indymedia videographer to move his bike. Cops had pulled two of their cars into the space used by the protest, so the biking cameraman put a bike between their cars.

The (not in any uniform) man attempting to give orders was strongly defied, so he tried and failed to steal the bike. He was not strong enough to hold on, and uniformed cops made no move to help either side. When the videographer returned to the same spot after moving around for more video clips, the same man stabbed out the bike's front tire in a sudden move. Several minutes later MPD pursued him, no evidence of an arrest for the knife. He was wearing a US flag and a Marines T-shirt-on a day the Proud Boys were supposed to be in DC for Qanon's story that Trump was (again) supposed to be reinstated that day.

The Nellie's rubber duck under boycott

Nellie's empty under the boycott

An exuberant participants traded off "sex worker lives matter" and "protect Black women" signs

Bike tire damaged by knife attack. Stab was so strong it went out the other side of the tire, yet it failed to prevent this bike from being ridden home

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