Protesters at Nellies bring the bikes on possible cusp of victory

Video: bicycle riders circle in front of Nellies-w front wheels in the air 1 min 13 sec

On the 13th of August, someone sympathetic to Nellies stabbed out a protester's bicycle tire with a knife. The following Friday (Aug 20), many more protesters were outside Nellie's on bikes, showing the futility of this attack. Doug (owner of Nellies) is also starting to see the futility of defying the community and has agreed to a listening session on Thursday, Aug 26.

These protests have been through many suprises: the initial snowplow attack weeks ago, cops muscling in on space used by protesters, and last week's knife attack. Through all of this customers have been staying away from Nellie's in droves, and time is running out for their economic survival. Doug has to deal or quit.

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