Line 3 protests in DC culminate in protest at WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain's HOUSE

Video-the marches and the game show at Ron Klain's house 4 min 13 sec

On the 23ed of August, protesters against Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline descended on Washington DC. At first this looked like yet another "snake march" but it soon became apparent these protesters had a special target: Biden's Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who can most likely kill off Line 3 with a stroke of a pen. A protracted protest at his house lasted until around 10PM, when 24 water protectors were arrested.

All arrestees were out by sometime after 11PM-and apparently Ron Klain slipped out of his own home while protesters were at the scene, refusing to meet with them-or return to his own home until the protest was over.

It also turns out Ron Klain was once on his schools "Brain Game" team, so a special "Klain Game" was set up first at the White House, then at Ron Klain's house. It included such question categories as "follow the dirty oil money."

On the same day, frontline water protectors in MN shut down yet another Enbridge construction site with a lockdown, and apparently a man camp was one of the targets of that blockade. Three days earlier, water protectors on the front line were apparently forced off the road onto private property by police. White landowners then threatened to "bear arms" against the water protectors. This is by no means over: this week huge rallies are scheduled at the MN state Capitol, in Boston, in Chicago, and more. One way or another, the strangling coils of the corporate, venom-spitting Black Snake can be, must be, and WILL BE cut away while there is still water left to drink.

The "Klain Game" set up at Ron Klain's house

The Black Snake in Chinatown

The Black Snake approaches the White House (where he is always welcome it seems...)

Marching into Chevy Chase on Conn Ave just before sunset

The scene as protesters descended on WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain's house

Resist Line 3 photo of scene just before the 24 arrests. Many were prepared to stay all night.

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