March for An'Twan Gilmore lays siege to MPD's 5D headquarters

Video: protesters beseige MPD's 5D precinct 45 sec

On the 28th of August, after a long day of voting rights marches, marchers again assembled at NY Ave and FL Ave NE for An'Twan Gilmore. After a feint downtown, marchers headed E on NY Ave and descended on MPD's 5D headquarters. When they got there, cops stood wall to wall to defend their precinct but avoided a fight. Possibly they know they are guilty and don't want to trigger further unrest.

The march began with a 7PM rally at NY Ave and FL Ave, and did not end until returning to the same site at about 1:30AM. Members of An'Twan Gilmore's family participated in the march and were present at 5D. While numbers at 5D were not sufficient to take the building or deny access all the way around, cops effectively shut the precinct down. The building was dark except for two rooms, and there was no evidence of cops attempting to enter or leave the building visible from the protest.

Earlier in the day, members of around 200 families who have had a family member killed by police held up posters of their loved ones at the Washington Monument. Chuck Modi posted This video on twitter of that event. He also reported that mainstream media conspicuously avoided the event at the Monument, even as they covered an estimated 14 marches and rallies for voting rights in the rest of the city. The voting rights/We the People Act issue is no joke: if the GOP voter suppression laws sweeping the US are not overturned, the GOP will be almost guaranteed to sweep the 2022 midterm elections, and Trump will probably return to power on Jan 20, 2025. All of this by keeping Black and Brown people from voting and relying on an estimate 75% GOP support among white men.

Cops face off against protesters at MPD's 5D headquarters but avoid a fight

Approach march on the NY Ave bridge

Marching in gentrified NE just south of NY Ave

Cops line up to defend 5D as lead elements of the march arrive

Cops and some of the protesters at 5D. Many protesters went to wherever Jason Bagshaw was to heckle him

Demands published by An'Twan's family

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