Cops get violent as Indigenous water protectors occupy BIA

Video: the scene at BIA, cops force their way through blockades 2 min 41 sec

On Oct 14th, Indigenous water protectors got inside the Dept of the Interior building and occupied the offices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for the first time since the 1970's. Cops got violent, tasering and clubbing people early in the action. In the end,a reported 55 people were arrested and cops had to force their way through blockades surrounding the building to get out with arrestees.

Even members of the Indigenous press were told they were going to be arrested. Unknown at this writing if cops followed up on that, but all the outside doors were blockaded anyway. The corporate press for their part had been entirely silent on this action.

Had enough supporters shown up, it would have been possible to block all streets near each entrance to Dept of the Interior as well as every driveway and door. All of the driveways and doors were blockaded but the streets were not covered, so bike cops were able to create a corridor from one driveway to a cross street. When the vans emerged, cops swarmed onto the blockade and dragged blockaders out of the way before a cop car and two vans emerged from the suddenly opened gate. Those outside were able to slow them down but not to stop them due to weak coverage on the north side of the police lines.

Actions popped off all over DC on Oct 14: the White House CD was scheduled first up, then came the BIA takeover and while that was taking place Extinction Rebellion did their double banner drop from the US Chamber of Commerce. It was the Indigenous folks of course who faced the brunt of the police violence.

Cops dragging people out of a driveway blockade

Arrest inside BIA of a water protector (photo by Jennifer K Falcon via Twitter)

Bike cops surrounding one of the driveway blockades and setting up a corridor for the escape of the arrest vans

ShutdownDC photo of police armored vehicle in the streets. Cops nationally are infamous for violence and brutality against Indignous people

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