XRDC blockades NY Ave w boat over failed COP 26 climate summit

Video-the boat blockade, the resulting traffic jams, and the difficulty cops had removing it 3 min 6 sec

On Friday, Nov 19, Extinction Rebellion DC staged a boat blockade of NY Ave halting right turns off I-395. This was over the failed COP 26 climate summit. By 8:20AM there was a report that backed up traffic jams.had blocked both the 14th st bridge and Memorial Bridge.

COP26 generated nothing but useless, unenforceable, and wateree down promises from the usual fossil fuel funded politicians.

Cops were suprisingly aggressive at times, but found it took them a total of 4 hours to clear the blockade from the time it was set up to the time the boat was towed away. Tough, well-armored lockboxes with steel outer layers wore out blade after blade in the grinders cops used to slowly and with difficulty cut their way into the lockboxes. They claimed nobody could be anywhere near them (e.g to film) for safety reasons, yet used the grinders next to the locked-on protesters. The protesters were hooded (like at GITMO) for "protection" but unless the hoods were made of fireproof material this just added fire hazard to eye hazards from grinder sparks.

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