Liberals, Fascists hold competing rallies on anniversary of attack on US Capitol

Video-Liberals condemn continuation of what Trump started at J6, Fascists talk hypocritically about jail conditions 2 min

ShutDown DC Hangs the "Expel all Fascists" Banner 1 min 2 sec

Jan 6, 2022 was the anniversary of the storming of the US Capitol by a mob of Nazis and Trump supporters same day last year. Fascists returned to DC in small numbers, marching on the DC Jail for their prisoners awaiting trial for the attempt to overturn the 2020 election by force. A few miles away, a coalition of over 100 groups held an opposing rally vowing never to let fascists install an open dictatorship in the US.

One of the speakers at the rally near the Capitol pointed out that in the past year we've seen "the biggest wave of voter suppression laws since the rise of Jim Crow. Elsewhere, many have described the current efforts by the GOP to exclude Black and Brown voters as "James Crow, Esquire" for their phony cloak of legality as "anti-fraud" measures.

The fascists at the jail (even combining both inside and outside) were hugely outnumbered by the vigilers at 3ed and Independence in the shadow of the US Capitol. It is reasonable to assume that police agents were scanning the fascists for J6 fugitives, and no doubt the far-right expected that. The hunt is still up, and many stayed away, no doubt fearing being "invited inside" the DC Jail to rejoin their comrades. Had the fascists been outnumbered last year by a similar ratio, they could have been prevented from even attempting to reinstall Donald Trump and driven out of town.

Also notable was the utter hypocrisy of Fascists who cheered for police beating, arresting, and torturing participants in the Black Lives Matter uprising in Summer 2020 complaining about gettting a taste of it themselves. There are probably people sitting in the DC Jail for stealing CANDY BAR, and here they are whining about being locked up for attempting to steal a whole election. Hell, those who carried guns or other weapons attempted what amounted to no less than to take the Presidency by armed robbery. Since when have fascists, Nazis, and Trump supporters been prison abolition advocates? Never have they cared about the brutality meted out to Black and Brown people at jails and prisons across the US. Actually they did-they SUPPORTED it and no doubt still do. Now they get a bitter taste for themselves of what they have been cooking up for others.

In the Capitol itself, all but three GOP members of Congress boycotted all of the memorial proceedings, and some of their most extreme members held press conferences to spread conspiracy theories about supposed involvement by the US government itself in the assault on the Capitol. Exhaustive investigation has shown that that involvment was of course by Donald Trump and his political chain of command, not the FBI etc. The FBI was most likely too busy hassling anti-Fascists and BLM activists to put in the effort to either pre-empt or steer the attack on the Capitol. A few miles away, Biden (not normally known for strong ANYTHING) gave a blistering speech denouncing Trump for spreading a "web of lies" about the election he lost.

Before any of the rallies, ShutDown DC staged a banner drop at what appears to be North Capitol street demanding that Congress expel all of its fascist members. The previous night they carried out projections on the walls of the DC Jail.

The rally at 3ed and Independence condemning the pro-Trump assault on the Capitol exactly a year earlier

Manchin may get the only vote that counts on THIS one

Fascists show up at the DC Jail, but not in large numbers. They know the hunt is up

Far-right still circulating Trump's "web of lies" about the 2020 election

Faces of the Enemy: fascists at DC Jail

Two of the Fascists at the DC Jail

ShutDown DC photo of projection at the DC Jail

Photo by Olivia of ShutDown DC's "Expel Fascists" banner

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