DSA, union workers demand Post Office dump Trump's Postmaster-General LeJoy

On the 12th of January, protesters organzied by the Charlottesville chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America showed up at the headquarters of the US Postal Service. They were there to demand that Trump's burrowed-in, election sabotaging postmaster-general Lejoy be fired and replaced.

One of the speakers was from Mt Rainier, MD and emphasized that mail other than packages has become a rare site in her community. Another speaker called out LeJoy's efforts to turn the post office from a public service into a business that exists only to make money.

The US Mail has become slow and extremely unreliable since the first phase of LeJoy's "ten year plan" was implemented. Trump is generally believed to have installed LeJoy in a deliberate effort to sabotage the Post Office so that voting by mail would not work, mailed in ballots would not be counted, and GOP candidates whose supporters were more willing to risk covid by voting in person would be more likely to win.

Trump is out of office, at least until his expected efforts to steal the 2024 election. LeJoy is still in office and still sabotaging the Post Office. First class mail delivery times have been slowed to 4-5 days almost everywhere, and even under that standard on-time performance has fallen. Mail is also lost more often than before.

Even the infamous slaveowner Benjamin Frankin did not attempt to run the post office as a business. He was the first postmaster-general and accepted that his printing business was a business and the post office was a service for the (at that time white male property owner) public to use.

US Post Office not for sale!

Rally at US Postal Service headquarters in DC

Dump LeJoy

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