Hundreds protest in rain at homes of SCOTUS judges Kavanaugh, Roberts

Video from "FederalFelonMouse" twitter clips: the protests and a cop's failed attempt to stop them 1 min 22 sec

On the 7th of May, hundreds of pro-choice activists descended on the posh Chevy Chase homes of Supreme Court "Injustices" Kavanaugh and Roberts. Neither rain nor cold nor cops yakking about residential protest laws could deter them. Statements afterwards warned that if women don't get privacy in their bodies, SCOTUS judges don't get privacy in their homes.

These so-called "justices" have their office fenced off against public dissent, so it has become necessary to take the message that forced birth cannot be tolerated directly to their homes. I suppose these houses will be fenced off next? Women are potentially facing MURDER charges in some states not only for self managed abortions but miscarriages too. Under these conditions, the Day of Politeness is over, the Night of the Bullhorn has come. No more bullshit, the time to fight is NOW!

A cop futily tries to scare off protesters

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