Chesapeake Earth First! redecorates at offices of Enbridge lobbyist Hill and Knowlton

On the 30th of November, Chesapeake Earth First!, responding to a solidarity call from Idle No More, redecorated sidewalks and construction boards at the offices of Hill and Knowlton. Hill and Knowlton is the main DC area lobbyist for tar sands pipeline company Enbridge. Enbridge is infamous for trying to build tar sands pipelines over the objections of First Nations communities in Occupied Canada. Each of these is another Keystone XL, like the Keystone all of them cross Indigenous lands, and all of them must be and will be stopped.

In addition to Chesapeake Earth First!, Idle No More and AIM (American Indian Movement) also were represented at this direct action against Hill and Knowlton. Hill and Knowlton is the same lobbyist who distributed fake Earth First leaflets calling for violence during Redwood Summer. They are also the liers who accused Iraqi solders of unplugging incubators with premature babies in them in Kuwait at the start of the first Iraq War. Both claims were proven to be lies. Now there is the very serious question of just what lies and libels Hill and Knowlton Strategies plans to spread about Indigenous people on this continent for their new sugar daddy Enbridge.


Chesapeake Earth First! was here

Enbridge "license to operate" revoked for racism, libel, and environmental terrorism against First Nations people

No deals, no compromise in defense of Mother Earth!

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