Police threaten, harass Kavanaugh home protesters over "noise"

Video-cops harass protesters but the protest goes on 1 min 40 sec

The July 13th Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos received some ugly harassment from the Montgomery County police. Before protests began, cops warned that any complaints from the neighhborhood snitches would lead to first warnings and potentially arrests for anything louder than private conversation. A 72 dB limit was claimed. Protesters received warnings at Kavanaugh's but not Robert's house.

An arrest van never seen before at these protests stalked the protest. After the protests were over, activists found far more cops than usual waiting near their cars. It appears cops were chomping at the bit to make arrests but may have been prevented from doing so by the rules of engagement set for the night.

A cop approaches a protester for the one warning they are apparently required to give prior to any noise arrests

This arrest van stalked the protest, it was never seen before at Kavanaugh or Roberts residential protests

One good reason to protest Kavanaugh: lying under oath during his confirmation hearing

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