Metro DC DSA disrupts Federalist Society luncheon over SCOTUS decisions

Video: protest outside, disruption inside the Federalist Society's fancy lunch 1 min

On the 14th of July, the Federalist society thought they would have a suit and tie luncheon to discuss raising more dark money and packing SCOTUS with more "Conservative" judges. The Metro DC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America had other ideas. Four disruptors shouted them down from inside while activists outside picketed the event.

Organizers published this quote: For decades, the Federalist Society—a right-wing org fueled by millions in dark money—has transformed the judiciary to implement their unpopular, radically conservative agenda. We showed up to disrupt their fancy lunch today at the Mayflower because our rights are not for sale.

The well-named hotel "Mayflower" has for years hosted settler colonizers ranging from the Federalist Society to the 2003 CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) talks. In 2009 an infamous "clean coal" conference there was disrupted by Rising Tide DC. They have not learned, and hosted the Federalist Society, all but begging protesters to come back to their hotel.

The Federalist society is one of those behind the scenes think tanks driving such things as GOP efforts to pack courts with corporatist and theocratic "judges." They bear significant responsability for the overthrow of Roe vs Wade at the hands of Trump's baying mob and the three so-called "Justices" they installed at the Supreme Court. One of those seats (Gorsuch's seat) was stolen outright from Obama's nominee. Senator Mitch McConnell refused to permit any vote on any Obama nominee in Obama's last year in office, then in Trump's final year flip-flopped to ram Amy Coney Barret's nomination through. Mitch McConnell in the Senate is not just a snake, he is best compared to one of those invasive pythons strangling other life out of the Everglades. These two-legged pythons hatch from eggs laid by groups like the Federalist Society.

Scene inside the Federalist Society's Mayflower lunch as activists stand up and disrupt

Photo by Metro DC DSA

Photo by Metro DC DSA

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