Oct 5 Kavanaugh Roberts Home Demos trouble free/no harassment

Video of Oct 5 Kavanaugh and Roberts home demos 1 min 59 sec

Whoever commanded the Montgomery County police presence at last week's Kavanaugh protest seems to have been replaced after all the videotaped harassment and threats. This time around, the Oct 5 Kavauagh and Roberts residential protests went smoothly, with no harassment or problems of any kind.

Both Kavanaugh and Roberts have whined publicly about activists at their homes and elsewhere calling out the current Supreme Court as illegitimate. With all the GOP cheating to steal a seat from Obama, then ram through three Trump nominees how can it be anything else?

At "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh's house

At "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh's house,another view

Calling out the current Supreme Court as illegitimate

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