6th night in row of protests after Eric Garner decision blocks 14th st Bridge

On the 8th of December, civil rights protesters shut down streets in evening rush hour for the 6th day in a row since a grand jury refused to indict NY cops for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. This is now the 3ed week of frequent street protests since St Louis cop Darren Wilson was also not indicted in the shooting death Michael Brown.

Protesters assembled at the White House at about 5PM, then marched to Dupont Circle and shut it down with a massive die-in. Instead of continuing with a previous idea to attempt to hold Dupont for 4 1/2 hours, protesters decided to head back south.

At around 8PM protesters blocked the 14th st Bridge, stopping traffic there for the third time in a week. After police read out the second of the required 3 warnings for arrest, protesters marched off the bridge headed for the US Dept of Justice and Chinatown.

Photo: John Zangas, 14th st blockade as time police give 2nd warning

Photo of earlier blockader of Connecticut and K courtesy of Mariah Minigan

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