"Every City Is Cop City" chanted at DC march for Atlanta

Chuck Modi's video originally posted to Twitter of marchers swarmed in cops chanting "Every City is Cop City" 14 sec

On Jan 28, an Atlanta Forest Defense solidarity march assembled in Logan Circle and took to the streets in DC. As bike cops swarmed around the march, marchers chanted "Every City is Cop City! Stop Cop City!" The bike cops were dressed in black and yellow above all else, same colors as the Proud Boys.

This chant may soon be heard nationwide, let's all thank Chuck Modi for getting this committed to video in an intense and dangerous situation! The bike cops and car cops behind were essentially surrounding the march in a "rolling kettle" formation which could be stopped at any time on orders from headquarters.

Same video originally posted to Twitter at

Still from Chuck Modi's video

National Guard in Atlanta also on Jan 28

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