Attempt by Christian extremists to disrupt drag show defeated on Barracks Row

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 24 sec

On the 13th of May, far-right Christian extremists again attempted without success to disrupt a drag show at a venue on Barracks Row in SE Washington DC. Again a solid wall of umbrellas blocked their view of people entering the venue, again loud music made their hateful words hard to hear.

Not even violent Proud Boys back on Feb 18 were successful in attempting to shut down a drag show in the DC area. The extreme right has been able to stage media events but not project serious raw power into the DC area since Jan 6, 2021. This while elsewhere in the US, drag shows are being banned outright by state legislatures in some places while in others armed neo-Nazis are held off by armed anti-Fascist activists. Christian nationalists are promoting outright genocide against the LGBTQ community in the South and the GOP is listening to them.

Outside the venue (cropped from photo by Our Rights DC)

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