IMF protesters confront delegates at checkpoint, get into Mayflower Hotel unopposed

On the 11th of April, IMF protesters seemingly managed to catch police and security by surprise. The buildings were not barricaded and protesters were able to close to face to face range on the sidewalk and even get under one of the tents in front of the IMF building.

IMF Protesters confront Spanish delegate at limo(liveleak)
Protesters enter the Mayflower unopposed (Liveleak)

Someone said during the protest that the Spanish delegate confronted by protesters was the Prime Minister, a Liveleak commentor reports to the contrary. Was he the finance minister perhaps? It was Egypt's finance minister who was confronted by Code Pink earlier the same day at the US Chamber of Commerce.

After the delegate hecking session wound down, anti-neoliberalism activists were able to enter the Mayflower Hotel unopposed. The IMF and World Bank are confirmed to be housing delegates there, though only a few were in sight.

Activists walked deep into the hotel before finally being confronted by a lone security guard near the side exit. He ordered protesters out, and attempted withou sucess to order one back to the lobbby while whining about being recorded on video. I guess being caught with his pants down was considered reason to object to video!

A second group of protesters stayed in the lobby and mic-checked the Mayflower Hotel before also being pushed out.