DC Ferguson blocks 14th and U after Metro Transit Police shooting

On the 12th of March, Metro Transit Police shot and killed a man in the tunnels near the Potomac Ave station. They have refused to identify him and some media reports didn't even admit the shooting was by a cop! The following night (March 13), DC Ferguson met at Chinatown, got on the Metro, then got off at U st to block the intersection of 14th and U streets. UPDATE Sat 3-14: One person was arrested by police at the end of the action-again as it was ending and people were dispersing. This is the second time this has happened, last time around Montgomery County police essentially jumped out on an alleged organizer after the New Years Day protest inside Wheaton Plaza had ended.

On Saturday, the 14th of March, the man murdered by a lone longtime Metro Transit cop was identified as 35 yr. old Bobby Gross. A Washington Post report says he was unarmed except for a tree branch, not even a knife.Apparently he was in the tunnel walking between the Stadium-Armory and Potomac Ave stations and was reported by a train operator. The result was his death at the hands of Metro Transit Police.

stirring video of the protest: never yield!

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