SOA Watch protests "war on drugs" inside Sen Rubio's office

On the 24th of April, School of the America's Watch activists culimnated several days of lobbying with a direct action protest inside Sen Marco Rubio's office, calling him out for failing to oppose the failed "war on drugs" that has caused spiraling violence violence in Mexico and elsewhere.

Here is the report SOA Watch sent out:

Since the SOA Watch Spring Days of Action began just 2 days ago, SOA Watch activists who have converged on Washington, DC have been busy speaking truth to power on Capitol Hill, as well as community and cultural events around the city. After an intense day of grassroots lobbying yesterday, SOA Watch activists decided to take nonviolent direct action a step further and protest inside Sen. Marco Rubio's office this morning, to call him out on not taking a stand in opposition to the failed Drug War.

As the activists entered Senator Rubio's office, they immediately unfurled a banner reading "The War on Drugs is a War on Us" in English and Spanish. Rubio, who is an outspoken critic of the normalization of US relations with Cuba, and actively seeks to continue tired Cold War policies of the past, has failed to take a stand on the issue of the Drug War, funded by Plan Mexico, a 2 billion dollar Congressional initiative that has caused immense suffering in Mexico at a high human cost in the name of security and the Drug War. In addition to Plan Mexico, recent news reports that the US has recently sold over $1 billion in weaponry to the Mexican military and police.

Photo by SOA Watch

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