Reject and Protect protests Keystone XL at the Canadian Embassy

On the 23ed of April, the Cowboy-Indian Alliance showed up at the Canadian Embassy to protest the Keystone XL.

Stand Our Sacred Ground-Youtube video of Canadian Embassy action

Faith Spotted Eagle of the Yankton Dakota blasted the proposed pipeline, saying "This is a blatant violation against our treaties." The pipeline crosses land promised to the Great Sioux Nation in the 1868 Ft Laramie treaty but later stolen in subsequent wars. Ranchers as well as Native Americans were at the Canadian Embassy.

Lately the Canadian Embassy has had plenty of unwelcome visits by pro-Earth protesters, almost every one of them caused by repeated Canadian attacks on the right of Indigenous people to exist. Prime Minister Harper wants to implement a strategy of all-out energy extraction at the expense of Canadian First Nations, Native Americans along the route of pipelines south of the Border, and anyone else unlucky enough to live in the way, like so many ranchers and farmers getting eminent domain threats from TransCanada.

Photo by John Zangas

The Ft Laramie treaty on display at the Canadian Embassy: Photo by John Zangas

Photo by John Zangas

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