High Heel Race takes over 17th st

On the 27th of October, a huge crowd descended on 17th st to watch the annual High Heel Race. Included in the race was a "Kim Davis" themes contingent complete with clashing "Free Kim Davis" and "Do Your Job" signs

Although the High Heel Race now attracts many with no connections to the GLBT community, it's origins are are solidly rooted in community traditions. This began as an underground foot race between two widely separated Gay bars by participants in costume, with just one rule: runners required to wear high heeled shoes. In 1991 police attacked the racers, leading to a huge occupation of 17th st on Halloween 1992. The race was later moved to the last Tuesday before Halloween and has seemingly grown every year. In a city with an extreme murder rate for transgender people, this might be the one night they get any love from DC as a whole.

Video featuring the "Kim Davis" contingent(1 min 10 sec)

High Heel Race
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