July 2022

Yet another police attack fails to dislodge Atlanta Forest Defense/Stop Cop City land occupation

On the outskirts of Atlanta, the city government wants to destroy hundreds of acres of forest near the prison complex to build a police training range (Cop City) and a movie studio complex. On the 21st of July, yet another police raid failed to remove the treesits defending the woods. The communique below has been issued:

Cops seen from one of so many treesits

Reportback from June 21 "Handmaid" Amy Coney Barret home demo

On the 21st of July, protesters showed up once again at literal Handmaid (People of Praise title)and SCOTUS "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett's house, for her normal Thursday evening residential protest. No problems with cops (were present but did not intervene) or "Karens" were reported.

Video-protesters on Amy Coney Barrett's block 1 min

Police threats again fail to stop Kavanaugh home demo

On the 20th of July, protesters again returned to the home of frat boy, rapist and Supreme Court "Justice" Brett Kavanaugh. Police threatened arrests without warning for "noise" but no arrests were attempted.

Video of the warrior-themed protest that faced down 60+ cops at Kavanaugh's house 3 min 9 sec

Photo by Miscreant Mouse

"Justice" Neil Gorsuch gets surprise home demo, NO COPS

On the 18th of July, River Road earned its name after storms passed through, yet protesters were able to navigate this waterway straight to the entrance to Supreme Court "Justice" Neil Gorsuch's home in an upscale private community. This was an unannounced protest to catch Gorsuch by surprise. No police response until protesters were already leaving.

Video-protesters get entrance to Gorsuch's community to themselves, NO COPS 21 sec

Jason Bagshaw shoots, kills man at the Wharf, 2020 video shows him throwing medic at BLM protest

The cop who shot and killed a man at the Wharf on Saturday night has been identified as no other than Jason Bagshaw, infamous for assaults and general abuse at protests and especially Black Lives Matter marches. MPD claims and Bagshaw's stories about how the shooting took place are highly questionable, especially as Bagshaw was not wearing a functioning body camera when he opened fire.

Video: Jason Bagshaw assaults, throws a street medic during a BLM protest in 2020 14 sec

PSL protests Proud Boys linked, book-burning "Moms for Liberty" in Tampa

On the 16th of July, hundreds of protesters called forth by the Party for Socialism and Liberation marched against "Moms for Liberty's" convention in the Marriot in Tampa, FL. "Moms for Liberty" is an anti-LGBTQ, book-burning organization with links to the Proud Boys.

Video-marchers descend upon, call out so-called "Moms for Liberty" 1 min 28 sec

Clarence Thomas gets another of many home demos

On the 15th of July, Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas got another in the long series of protests outside his wealthy, private N Va community. Unlike the hornet's nest at the Kavanaugh protests there were no police problems.

Video-protesters at the entrance to Clarence Thomas's posh private community 59 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

Amy Coney Barret gets another home demo, very few cops

On the 14th of July, pro-choice protesters continued their campaign of residential protests against anti-choice Supreme Court "Justices." Undeterred by police harassment in Mongomery County at Kavanaugh's house, they returned to the home of Amy Coney Barrett. Very few cops showed up and the protest went down unimpeded.

Video: protesters at and around Amy Coney Barrett's house-AGAIN! 2 min 4 sec

Still from Our Rights DC video

Metro DC DSA disrupts Federalist Society luncheon over SCOTUS decisions

On the 14th of July, the Federalist society thought they would have a suit and tie luncheon to discuss raising more dark money and packing SCOTUS with more "Conservative" judges. The Metro DC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America had other ideas. Four disruptors shouted them down from inside while activists outside picketed the event.

Video: protest outside, disruption inside the Federalist Society's fancy lunch 1 min

Scene inside the Federalist Society's Mayflower lunch as activists stand up and disrupt

Police threaten, harass Kavanaugh home protesters over "noise"

The July 13th Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos received some ugly harassment from the Montgomery County police. Before protests began, cops warned that any complaints from the neighhborhood snitches would lead to first warnings and potentially arrests for anything louder than private conversation. A 72 dB limit was claimed. Protesters received warnings at Kavanaugh's but not Robert's house.

Video-cops harass protesters but the protest goes on 1 min 40 sec

A cop approaches a protester for the one warning they are apparently required to give prior to any noise arrests

Another pro-choice resistance march visits Senate office buildings

On the 13th of July, another in the continuing series of pro-choice "Resistance Marches" visited the Senate office buildings

Video:Pro-choice marchers on Capitol Hill 14 sec

Still from Our Rights DC video

Antiabortion "Fetus freaks" of PAAU get jail time for clinic trespassing, more on the way

Last year, the fetus-stealing antiabortion extremists of PAAU broke into a clinic in Alexandria, VA. On July 12, 2022 six of them pleaded no-contest to trespassing and were taken directly to JAIL. Two of them got 30 day jail terms, four more got four days apiece. PAAU is famous for having broken into a DC clinic to steal fetal remains.