July 2022

Same Capitol Hill Fake clinic hit by Jane's Revenge gets warning sticker

The same fake abortion clinic on Capitol Hill Hit by Jane's revenge on June 2 or June 3 on July 4 got a warning sticker on their door calling them out as a fake clinic that does not perform abortions and instead dispenses propaganda.

July 4 Roundup: SCOTUS showdowns, DC black bloc after dark, and reports from elsewhere

On the 4th of July, "Fuck the 4th" and similar abortion rights turned people out in the streets everywhere:

Video: confrontation with hard core theocrats at SCOTUS (35 sec)

Video: Night March in black bloc faces police violence and is kettled, marchers somehow got out (2 min 6 sec) by John Zangas

MD: Declare Emergency blocks Beltway over climate

Elsewhere: "Fuck the 4th" protests most cities

Lakeland, FL: Showdown w fundies, arrest for bullhorn use(!) Video (3 min)

St Petersburg, FL Video: The big PSL march (1 min 29 sec)

Front line just before a very aggressive kettle by Capitol police followed by dispersal not arrests (still from John Zangas video)

"Fuck the 4th" protest in Lakeland, FL brings out fundies, anti-Christian signs-and an unlawful arrest

Lakeland, FL's "fuck the 4th" protest drew a crowd worthy of Orlando or even DC, and like DC drew a half dozen fundamentalist Christian counterprotesters. After about an hour and a half, cops suddently arrested a 13 year old for nothing more than using a bullhorn. She was out within 3 hours but with charges pending.

Video:Anti-Christian signs, Fundamentalist counterprotesters, and an arrest for using a BULLHORN 3 min

Blocking signs held by theocrats with Anarchist and anti-Christian signs

Supreme Court Marshal's demand for home demo ban gets 1st Amendment read at Kavanaugh's house

After the big post-Dobbs June 29 protests at the homes of "Justices " Kavanaugh's and Roberts, the Supreme Court's marshall sent letters to MD and VA begging them to enforce laws that supposedly ban but actually only regulate residential protests. On Saturday, the 2nd of June, Kavanaugh got a special visit from protesters reading the First Amendment in front of his house.

DC Media Group video: Protesters at Kavanaugh's house read out the First Amendment 2 min 3 sec

Protesters march by Kavanaugh's house in compliance with laws forbidding "stationary picketing" of a residence(Photo by Melissa).