DC Bike Party reportback for November 11

On the 11th of November, the DC Bike Party once again took to the streets. This ride went up the hills and around Adams-Morgan and 16th st, with a mid-ride stop in Malcolm X Park. Near the end of the ride came a display of precision riding as several riders "rode under the arch" formed by the joined hands of two other riders.

Video-"Riding Under the Arch" at the DC Bike Party(35 sec)

The November Bike Party crossing the bridge over Rock Creek above Adams-Morgan

"Riding Under the Arch" at the DC Bike Party

Cops harass Black Lives Matter activists at SE home

On the 8th of November, reports emerged on Twitter that DC police from the 7D station shined lights into an activist home in Anacostia, and screamed at the women inside. Two cops showed up and shined lights into the house, then started screaming threats when asked why they were doing this. Cops also pulled over someone leaving the BlackJoySunday event that was being held at the house that evening.

Video originally posted to Twitter by Taylor Griffin

Cops harass Black Lives Matter activists at SE home

Palestine supporters jeer Netanyahu's motorcade at Center for American Progress

On the 10th of November, Israel's extremist Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the Center for American Progress. His motorcade had to pass jeering protesters on the far side of the street. Not only that, as his motorcade was being planned the protesters were on the near side of the street. Had the protesters refused to move the motorcade-and the speech-would have had to wait. Until protesters actually did move the outcome of this was unknown to police.No head of state likes to run a gauntlet of jeering protesters.

Video-protesters jeer the motorcade

Jeering Netanyahu's motorcade

Jeering Netanyahu's motorcade

Climate march blockades16th and H, Palestine protest joins in

On the 9th of November, hundreds of marchers took to the streets for the "Our Generation Our Choice" march against climate chaos, racism, and militarized policing. Simultaniously, a rally was taking place in front of the White House protesting Benjamin Netanyahu's, visit begging Obama for more military aid. When the climate march arrived at 16th and H, they stopped and blockaded the intersection. Police tried and failed to prevent the two protests from joining forces.

Video of the march and blockade(2 min 30 sec)

The intersection of 16th and H completely blocked by "Our Generation Our Choice"

Blocking the streets during Netanyahu's visit over climate chaos and colonialism