Animal rights protesters hit Starbucks, Whole Foods in Baltimore

On the 15th of August, vegan protesters from Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) protested inside first a Starbucks and then a Whole Foods in Baltimore. In both cases the issue was the sale of animal products. At Whole Foods extra attention was paid to the fake "cruelty-free" marketing Whole Foods is known for.
Youtube video from the Starbucks protest

Youtube video from the Whole Foods protest

Protesters inside a Starbucks in Baltimore

Blackout DC blocks 395, stages coffin ceremony at US Capitol

On the 15th of August, Blackout DC staged what was announced as a march from the White House to the Capitol to protest police murder of Black and Brown people. Cops expected a direct march but got a surprise! The march diverted from Penn Ave north up 7th st to Chinatown, then proceeded east to block the I-395 tunnels before finally going to the US Capitol. At the Capitol, offerings for those murdered by police were placed in a cardboard coffin. This was intended to take place on the Capitol steps, but US Capitol police blockaded the top exits from the Capitol West Lawn against protesters-and only protesters. As a result the offering ceremony took place on the spot where people were blocked.

Video-395 shutdown and coffin/offering ceremony at the US Capitol

Blackout DC blocking I-395

Shutting down I-395, remembering the fallen at the Capitol

Another huge DC Bike Party takes to the streets

The July 3ed Anniversary special Bike Party was perhaps the largest ever, but the August 12th ride may have been second only to that one for sheer size. DC never seemed to get big Critical Mass or other such rides in the past, now the organizers of the DC Bike Parties seem to have found the magic formula for turn out in this town.

Video highlights 1st half of the ride(2:40)

Ride of the DC Bike Party(August)

Vegan activists disrupt shopping at Rockville Whole Foods store

On the 9th of August, Vegan activists from Direct Action Everywhere entered the Whole Foods on Rockville Pike in MD and staged a noisy speakout at the back of the meat section. Protesters charged that ALL animal products sold as "humane" at Whole Foods are just as fraudulent as the now notorious eggs from caged hens, and that these labels are meaningess.

Youtube video of Aug 10 in-store protest