Tenants facing mass eviction, rent hikes storm Bush Properties office

On the 25th of February, tenants from Museum Square and Mt Vernon Plaza backed by ONE DC and API Resistance showed up outside their landlord's office in Clarendon, VA. Originally the plan was to send a delegation inside to deliver their letter demanding an end to illegal attempts to intimidate tenants into moving out. The tenants themselves though had another idea, with almost the whole group essentially storming the building and taking over the lobby. Bush Properties accepted their letter, but the person taking denied that they were even at the right office. Organizers knew better than to buy that excuse but everyone marched back outside, chanting "we'll be back!"

Video from the Bush Properties tenant protest

Tenants drive home the "no mass evictions" message to Bush Properties

FBI demand to unlock iPhones draws protest at Hoover Building

On the 23rd of February, protesters representing groups from Code Pink all the way to the CATO Institute showed up in front of the FBI's J Edgar Hoover building to protest the FBI's demands that Apple help them defeat encrypted iPhones. Speakers emphasized that this is not about one iPhone but all iPhones. Several predicted that if the FBI is sucessful those who steal credit card information would also take advantage of it. A Black Lives Matter speaker emphasized the danger that police surveillance and especially phone snooping poses to their movement. She reminded everyone of the ugly history of COOINTELPRO and racist FBI suppression of people of color. To many in this world, the FBI is not fighting terrorists, they are the terrorists.

Video-activists warn true purpose of FBI snooping is to suppress domestic dissent

activists warn domestic dissent true target of FBI iPhone backdoor demand

8 Arrests after Coal Ash, Pipeline opponents march on Dominion, occupy VA Capitol steps

On the 20th of February, a massive protest assembled in Richmond by the Capitol bell tower before marching on Dominion's headquarters. They were marching against Dominion's practice of dumping coal ash into the James River. Also present were opponents of the Atlantic Coast pipeline (fracked gas) and the LNG export plant at Cove Point, MD. All of those are Dominion projects. At the end of the march, some of the protesters occupied the Va Capitol steps, demanding that the governor come out to meet w-th them-or resign.

Video highlights of the march and occupation of the VA state Capitol steps(3 min 27 sec)

March and civil disobedience in Richmond against Dominion dumping coal ash

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