Islamophobic Ads on Metrobusses compare Muslims to Hitler

On the 19th of May, large advertisements appeared on the sides of Metrobusses showing a picture of Adolf Hitler and claiming the Quran calls for such hatred. The ads are running on the sides of 20 Metrobusses, barring overlying graffiti or mechanical problems taking them off the road.

Climate First! protests Keystone XL at Canadian Embassy

On the 17th of May, Climate First! showed up at the Canadian Embassy with signs opposing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. This was part of a continent-wide "hands across the land" day of action against the pipeline, with events taking place all over Turtle Island.
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Protesters disrupt FCC as 3-2 vote scraps net neutrality

On the 15th of May, protesters banged bucket drums and bells outside the FCC while commissioners gathered to vote on "paid prioritization" of content. Ignoring the sound of people's anger from outside, and ejecting four activists who got into the hearing, they voted 3-2 to permit "paid prioritization" of content.

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Hundreds of cyclists take the streets for the DC Bike Party

On the 14th of May, hundreds of bike riders showed up for the DC Bike Party, which takes place the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

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This is but a small fraction of the DC Bike Party! Some of the riders are two blocks or more up the street, others are still back in Dupont Circle

Jim Graham and Fox News trying to close DC General family shelter

On May 13, Faux News ran a feature segment starring Jim Graham calling for closing the shelter for homeless families with children at DC General. It was one of the ugliest "reports" I have seen on Faux in years.