September 2015

Code Pink, Yemenis protest Saudi King, disrupt Saudi investment forum

On the 4th of September, Saudi King Salman visited the White House. His country is waging war on the people of Yemen and flogging people for trifles. Outside the White House, Code Pink and Yemenis protested that he would have the nerve to show his face in the US. Afterwards they marched to a nearby Saudi investment forum and protested again. Medea Benjamin was dragged out of that event after managing in classic Code Pink style to get inside.

Code Pink video of White House protest against King Salman

Media Benjamin being dragged out of the U.S.-Saudi Investment Forum

 King Salman's reputation gets a whipping at the White House

Protesters march in Baltimore as cops who killed Freddie Gray get 1st court date

On the 2nd of September, the six killer cops responsible for the death of Freddie Grey faced a courtroom for their first hearing. Their defense motions to throw out the charges entirely was rejected, but the court severed the cases from each other. Thus there will be six separate cases, none hearing ALL of the evidence. This reduced the odds of convicting any of these murderers. Outside protesters marched and video has emerged of one of them being tackled and arrested by Baltimore's worst. At 6;30PM, protesters returned to the courthouse for the weekly "West Wednesday" protest organized by the family of Tyrone West. Tyrone was beaten to death by Baltimore police after a traffic stop, and no charges were filed against the cops. All of these protests have been peaceful, yet cops glowered and stood ostentatously blocking exit routes.

Video-Baltimore Bloc's and Jessa's clips of protester tackled,Taser held to his neck followed by police charge at crowd

Video-West Wednesday marches from courthouse to City Hall

Former 1979 hostage Sarah Shourd calls for passing Iran nuclear treaty

Sarah Shourd is a journalist who was among the American held hostage after the US Embassy in Tehran was stormed by theocratic radicals in 1979. For over 400 days she was held hostage as the the then new Iranian government tried to force the US to extradite the Shah, wanted for years of torture at the hands of SAVAK. This attempt to force a swap failed, and the "Iran Hostage Crisis" was seen by many as the defining moment of Jimmy Carter's presidency.

Puerto Rico’s Religious Leaders Call for Debt Relief and End to Austerity

Puerto Rico’s Religious Leaders Call for Debt Relief and End to Austerity                                                              
Clergy Propose Federal Reserve Intervention      
by Andrew Hanauer 
Tuesday Sept 1st, 2015