Breaking: 2nd killer cop "acquitted" in Freddie Gray case

On the 23ed of June, killer cop Caesar Goodson was found "not guilty" by a judge on all counts including depraved heart murder. He had refused to face a jury for his crimes, and judges are paid by the same government and businessmen as the police. Casear Goodson is the cop that drove the van recklessly, giving Freddie Gray one of Baltimore's infamous "rough rides." This led to a broken neck and the death of Freddie Gray. Caesar Goodson is the second cop to be acquited outright and the third cop the courts have refused to convict, as trial of another of these cops (the first one tried) ended in a mistrial.

It is increasingly becoming evident that these Baltimore cops were never in any serious legal jeopardy. There are accusations of the prosecutor's office (which normally works closely with police) sabotaging or throwing these cases. The charges were first announced on Mayday 2015, as a huge street protest assembled during the Baltimore Uprising triggered by Freddie Gray's death. As the trials have run, FOX and other news outlets have re-aired old footage from the uprising, leading in both this case and the last acquital of a killer cop to accusations that the media themselves were "outside agitators." No less than the Baltimore Bloc twitter account said this last time, and now this is being said again by others.

As of 1PM, WTOP Radio reports a lot of people at the intersection of Penn and North, but that the scene is little different than any other day there, some people even yelling at others to "stay calm." Protesters were present outside the courthouse as the verdict was read out, these protesters had been present day after day as the "trial" or whatever it really was continued.

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