Black Lives Matter sets blockades from Chinatown to N Capitol st for Terrence Sterling

The 8th of November was just short of 2 months after Terrence Sterling was shot by a DC police officer for "erratic driving" his motorcycle. Protesters once again gathered at 3ed and M sts NW where he was shot, this time to deliver a weighted blow. They marched to Chinatown and shut down the iconic 7th and H st shopping area, then marched to N Capitol St and shut it down too, finally shutting down NY Ave one more time.

From Chinatown on the way to N Capitol St Black Lives Matter marched right past the Wal-Mart that was repeatedly stormed over labor issued back in 2014. Just past that point, a white motorist in a car stopped as protesters advanced became very aggressive, attempting to lunge out of his car at protesters. His wife or intimate partner at several points appeared to be physically restraining him or holding him back, though some reported both were yelling at protesters. Usually these kind of drivers try to ram through protests or use threats of ramming to get people to move, this guy wanted to get out and fight an entire crowd!

Such aggression was of course unsucessful in getting marchers off the streets. His aggression was stirred by nothing more than inconvenience perhaps boosted by an unhealthy dose of racism. The marchers were there because Terrence Sterling , a personal friend of some of the organizers, had been murdered by a DC cop who rolled down his window and shot him just like any other gangbanger doing a drive-by shooting.

Video of Chinatown blockade and that angry motorist near Wal-Mart

Taking the streets for Terrence Sterling
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