Indigenous "Red Line" protest blocks 3ed st at US Capitol

On the 28th of April, Indigenous marchers organzed by It Takes Roots declared a "red line" on climate change, pipelines, and fossil fuel extraction with a march around the US Capitol followed by a blockade of 3ed st.This was not long after an insulting remark from Trump about Pocohontas and breast size even though Pocohontas was a child raped by one or more settlers.

The protest assembled on the SE side of the US Capitol for speakers before marching to the beat of the drums around the south side of the Capitol to the blockade side on 3rd st. Some of the speakers cited the previous defeat of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline as a model for stopping the same pipeline again and all the other pipelines Trump will surely propose.

At most a dozen Trump supporters in red MAGAt hats tried to disrupt the protest but were quickly driven off. Protest organizers intervened to prevent this disruption from pre-empting the blockade by luring the entire group of maybe 1,000 protesters into headlong pursuit of nuisance opponents. The GOP members of Congress who support Trump are far more dangerous.

Though descended from unlawful settlers on land stolen by force, the Trumpers had the nerve to call for building a border wall. Had such defenses existed in 1491, Trump and the fossil fuel corporations would not be on Turtle Island at all and the land, air, and water would be safe. Whether or not the climate was safe would still depend on the rest of the world of course, but it would surely be better off. Instead, those who have stolen the land and are still stealing land today for pipelines, mining, and drilling have the sheer nerve and hypocrisy to declare indigenous people from elsewhere on the continent to be immigrants.

Video of the march around the Capitol and 3ed st blockade

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