Video: 2018-the year in activism

Video-2018 in activism 18 min 25 sec

Video of protest and direct action against the regime of Donald Trump and against its alt-right/fascist allies in 2018. As the year opened we still had nearly 60 people facing decades in prison for the previous year's DisruptJ20 Inauguration protests. Now, all those charges are dropped and it's Donald Trump who has to worry about prison. Mueller's indictments are dropping closer and closer to Trump like an artillery barrage getting the range.

In June, Trump's brutal family separation policy on the border blew up in the GOP's face, and a storm of outrage and protest forced the Department of Homeland "Security" to abandon ripping children from their parents arms to be caged.

Trump's alt-right friends are in disarray, and several attempts on their part to recover from their Aug 12, 2017 defeat in Charlottesville failed. Richard Spencer had to shut down his college speaking tour after the stinging defeat he took at the Battle of Michigan on the 5th of March. On the 12th of August, Jason Kessler's attempt at a "Unite the Right II" Cville do-over was soundly defeated in the streets of Washington DC. All through August the alt-right took defeat after defeat at the hands of anti-Fascist activists. Note that the entire #AllOutAugust section was separately published in August 2018, and none of the Aug 12 portion of it could be re-edited as raw clips from UTR II had to be destroyed after use for reasons of security.

After that came the huge but failed fight to block the comfirmation of Trump's rapey nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. In November the spectacular "Catharsis on the Mall" fire show was followed by the Nov 17 showdown in Philadelphia where the Proud Boys failed to get more than 35 people instead of the hundreds they expected, and had to hide behind police from perhaps 1,000 anti-Fascist counterprotesters.

As the year came to a close, Trumps's vicious hate aimed at migrants again erupted into news and protests, as the caravans arrived at the border and seven-year old Jakelin died in Border Patrol custody after being denied water. Members of Trump's cabinet were resigning and some facing prison as the wheels started coming off the Trump Train once and for all.

We are two years in, two to go. See you in the streets in 2019!

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