Protesters against police killing of Michael Brown march on FBI from White House

On the 13th of August, protesters gathered in front of the White House to demand an end to police shootings of young African-American men and boys. The murder of Michael Brown(who was unarmed) by a cop in Fergerson, Missouri is the latest in a long line of unprovoked police shootings to spark outrage and protests. After enduring disruptors and troublemakers at the White House, protesters marched to the FBI chanting "hands up, don't shoot!" referring to the fact that Michael Brown was shot after raising his hands in surrender.

Video of the march

This shooting was especially ugly. It began when Mr Brown was walking home from a convenience store and a cop pulled over to object to him and a friend walking in the street instead of on the sidewalk. After verbal arguments the cop decided to arrest Michael Brown, witnesses report he was shot after raising his hands in surrender

One serious disruptor against the Aug 13 protest while it was at the White House was a white man who claimed to be from Portland, Oregon and cited the (much less common) shooting of a white youth by a cop there to claim that race was not an issue in police shootings. Three protesters who are in fact from Portland, Oregon called him out, and another person reported he had been seen before at protests near the White House.

In Ferguson, there was another police shooting the previous night. One protester was shot and critically wounded by police who claim he drew a gun during the protests. Given the record of that police department this claim is to be taken with more than a grain of salt. Also, Anonymous is saying they are going to release the name of the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown. This will effectively make that cop a fugitive from the people like George Zimmerman.

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