Ferguson/Michael Brown protesters shut down U st, Adams-Morgan

Saturday night, the 6th of September was the third Saturday night in a row that Ferguson/Michael Brown protesters marched into and shut down one or more gentrified parts of the city. Two weeks earlier it was Chinatown, last week it was H st where all the new money is flowing into NE, this time around it was U Street and later Adams-Morgan and Columbia heights.

A huge thunderstorm seemed to strike DC a glancing blow, appearing to be almost instantly arriving as the march set out, yet the skies did not open until the march was finishing up at the first target, the intersection of 14th and U streets. By the time 16th and U was reached the rain was drenching but marchers kept going. One speaker remarked ""Police shoot and kill in the rain too so we're marching in the rain too." From 16th st marchers returned to 14th and U, then 14th and U as the rain ended. Everyone then decided to march on Adams-Morgan. The final intersections shut down for extended periods were 18th and Columbia, and 14th and Irving.

On the 4th of October, there will be a major march on Georgetown with the same demands, assembling at 7PM at the Foggy Bottom Metro station

Video of the march set to "thunderstruck" for the storm that rolled in

Taking over U Street

Two storms roll in on U st: a storm of rain and a storm of resistance to police brutality and oppression

Holding 14th and U sts

Holding 16th and U under heavy rain

Holding 18th and Columbia: the rain was over, but protesters kept going and marched on Adams-Morgan and Columbia Heights

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