Code Pink disrupts House Homeland Security hearing on new Iraq War

On the 17th of September, Code Pink disrupted their second Congressional war hearing in a row. This time it was the House Homeland Security Committee Hearing on " Worldwide Threats to the Homeland," and Code Pink warned that more US intervention would be "counterproductive." In the previous day's hearing Code Pink warned Congress not to take "war bait" from ISIS/ISIL, suspected by some to be using a strategy that actually requires US intervention to work.

Code Pink reports that at this hearing, historically antiwar Senator Barbara Boxer criticised the current US practice of sending money to Saudi Arabia, where the government (an absolute monarchy) also beheads people and supports the exact same fundamentalist beliefs as ISIS.

The usual pro-war people are once again saying their usual hateful things about Code Pink on Twitter and elsewhere, showing that Code Pink is once again effective at putting the warmongers on the spot.

Photo by Code Pink

A Code Pink moment for Kerry on CNN (photo of TV by Code Pink)

"Art superheroes" photo of TV on C-Span: No bombing, no beheading. Yes, they do that in US supported Saudi Arabia too!

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