Extinction Rebellion set off flares in anger at CNN wildfire coverage

From XRDC: Rebels from Extinction Rebellion DC (XRDC) set off smoke flares and dumped ash outside CNN’s DC offices on Friday, September 18, in protest at the corporation’s appalling coverage of the wildfire crisis.

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Rebels tipped ash over CNN news presenters to highlight the outlet’s failure to tell viewers the truth about the connection between the climate crisis and the wildfires in the west. CNN mentioned climate change just five times in 49 of the segments it aired about the wildfires. It spent just three minutes covering the fires over a four-day period. Out of 12 CNN articles about the wildfires that we surveyed between September 12th-14th, not one explains that fossil fuels are to blame for the climate crisis. 0:00 Setting off towards CNN 2:30 Arrival at CNN DC bureau and preparing the news desk Speakers: 6:10 Sophia, student and rebel 11:04 Farzona, student and rebel 14:49 News anchors blinded by BP money, surrounded by fire and covered with ash and smoke 17:36 "Climate Crisis, CNN Tell the Truth"

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