Streets Calling Bike Club holds Breonna Taylor memorial ride

Chuck Modi's video of the ride departing 34 sec

On the 1 year anniversary of Breonna Taylor's murder by Louisville, KY cops, Streets Calling Bike Club held a 6 mile memorial ride for her. The ride was jointly held with the Saturday Night Bike Club.The six miles were one mile for each of the shots fired by the police that stormed her apartment and opened fire in a drug raid aimed at someone else.

The bike ride was followed by a vigil and music in Malcolm X Park, with a larger crowd. As this is written protesters are gathering in Louisville, KY and battle is probable tonight in Portland, OR.

The cops responsible for shooting Breonna have been fired but they are not in prison and a grand jury refused to indict them. One of the cops was booted for firing blindly into the apartment without being even able to see who or what he was shooting at. Breonna was not even the target of the raid by plainclothes drug cops. Her partner Kenneth Walker mistook them for burglars and fired a warning shot at them. The unmarked cops responded with a blizzard of "spray and pray" gunfire, wounding Kenneth in the leg-and hitting Breonna six times and killing her. For police to raid any address in a country with over 250 million guns out of uniform and without announcing themelves surely means consenting to the risk of being mistaken for home invaders and shot down. Breonna did not consent to the risk of being killed, as she did not do anything to trigger the raid and was not even the target of it.

Still from Chuck Modi's video of the bike ride departing from the African-American history museum, bound for Malcolm X Park

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