Fascist Patriot Front march on US Capitol draws jeers and heckling from DC residents

Video-Patriot Front fires smoke, gets heckled in front of the US Capitol 2 min 48 sec

On the 4th of December, the explicitly fascist group "Patriot Front" again marched into DC with zero advance publicity, hoping to avoid anti-Fascist counterprotesters. This is not as effective as it used to be. Random DC residents and tourists followed the march, heckling, shouting insults, and running a noisemaker.

After their very short rally, Patriot Front marched back over the Mall past the WWII Memorial, and, over Memorial Bridge to the edge of Arlington Cemetary.Many who died fighting against Nazis like them during WWII are buried at Arlington. There the cops protected them while two U-haul trucks loaded some of them illegally into the back and drove off, while others had to wait hours in the cold for them to return. About 30 of them had to wait at least three hours after not fitting in the first three U-haul loads. Apparently whoever was driving the trucks got lost after the first load was picked up. It is likely the U-haul trucks were rented under false pretenses. After carrying all that Nazi trash, they will need a deep cleaning.

Since Patriot Front had shields with them, this marks the first time Fascists have dared come to the US Capitol geared up for battle since January 6, when Fascists and MAGAts stormed the building in a failed attempt to block certification of the 2020 Presidental Election. That of course was the election that kicked Donald Trump out of the White House. The Proud Boys, 3%'ers, and their friends were at his direct urging attempting to reinstall him. Patriot Front tend to do their own separate events, perhaps fearing a fight. They marched on Jan 29 though that is no guarantee some of their members were not also at Jan 6 as individuals.

Last time around for Patriot Front was Philadelphia, where they had even worse results for themselves. That time they were driven off the streets outright and chased away, again by passers-by.

Patriot Front retreats from the Capitol after their very short rally was heckled by local folks

Patriot Front firing smoke flares in front of the Capitol

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