Kavanaugh, Roberts get more home demos

Video from in front of Kavanaugh's house originally posted to Twitter by "Downright Impolite" 10 sec

On the 18th of May, the growing Summer of Rage continued. One day after Florida's governor tried to ban these protests from 1,000 miles away in the wrong state, protesters returned to the homes of "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh and John Roberts.

Format was to march past these homes like a column of angry ants that never stops swarming between the target and the nest. This makes use of a loophole in MD's law concerning home demos, which effectively bans only a static protest in front of one house. "Share the pain" (and the noise) with the entire block and the protest is legal.

If people are willing to defy laws that make abortion a felony or even a capital offense (by calling it "murder") it is highly unlikely that any law making protest a violation or a midemeanor will work. Ban peaceful protests, and discover that when protest is outlawed, only outlaws can protest! If people are going to be made outlaws anyway, protest cannot be banned, only forced to escalate to fast-moving, small unit tactics. The HLS home demos often worked this way. Cops were unable to garrison all possible targets, and when was found unprotected it normally took cops 15 min plus to show up. Screaming protesters chanting "ten minutes, no cops!" over high powered bullhorns were not unheard of and sent a powerful message.

Still from Twitter video by Downright Impolite

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