Park Police raid destroys McPherson Square tent city

Video: Biohazard suited cowards protected by Park Police load tents into trash trucks, a veteran is arrested for standing his ground 1 min 41 sec

Video-McPherson resident stands his ground with constitutional arguments against tent city eviction 5 min 9 sec

Update Feb 17: Washington Post(disable js to bypass paywall): DC Admits only two former McPherson residents got permanent housing, 20 got temporary housing, 50+ scattered and still sleeping outside

Update Feb 16: Report on Twitter NPS had inserted undercover cops into the tent city

In recent months, McPherson Square had hosted a tent city set up by those evicted by Mayor Bowser's sweeps of so many other camps. On Feb 15, US Park Police and biohazard-suited trash collectors stormed McPherson and destroyed the tent city, evicting everyone and arresting two people who stood their ground.

This date was moved up from April 15 at the request of the usual anti-unhoused, racist and classist real estate and upscale business interests who control the Mayor and the city government. The date was moved no doubt because wealthy and middle class office workers etc were afraid to eat their lunch in McPherson Square. That would be the "imminent hazard" city officials were yakking about. A real imminent hazard now exists: many former residents of the McPherson Sq tent city lost their tents and everything they owned, and cold, heavy rain is due to arrive in DC on Thursday night.

This is also the second time a tent city in McPherson Square has been violently assaulted by police. On Feb 4, 2012 US Park Police stormed Occupy DC's camp at the same site, sparking a tough all day battle as Occupy residents fought back.

NPS promised to store people's belongings. This storage of course was in the trash truck, transfer station, and landfill or incinerator

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