Both GA Senators get Stop Cop City residential protests at their DC homes

Video: Both GA Senators get home demos, speakers were furious2 min 50 sec

On the 18th of February, outraged activists descended on the DC homes of both of Georgia's Senators demanding action to stop the infamous "Cop City" police training range in Atlanta's Weelaunee Forest. This is in memory of Turtuguita ("Little Turtle") who gave his life defending the woods. Since then the National Guard has descended on Atlanta and a firestorm of retribution has been meted out by activists from coast to coast. Even in the DC home demos the chant changed from "shut it down" to "burn it down" and warnings were issued Cop City would never be built and never be defended if it ever is.

The "Every City is Cop City" chant was used again at the marches to and between the targets. At Senator Warnock's house, a speaker warned that this was indeed the case, and that if not stopped, a great many of the urban warfare/counterinsurgency police training ranges would be built. She also warned "they want war," and that they would get the war they want but perhaps not the intended outcome.

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