Civil rights protesters storm Gallery Place movie theater

On the 12th of December, civil rights protesters assmebled in Chinatown and after the usual street shutdowns slipped around to the back entrance of the Regan Cinemas on 6th st and stormed inside. In addition to educating moviegoers about police murder and brutality, there was another reason for going there: the movie Exodus, playing there, is set in the Middle East and northern Africa yet people with dark skin are shown only as servants and slaves.

The movie theater action was preceded by two street confrontations with motorists who assaulted protesters. In one incident the motorist got out to fight protesters, and one protester was arrested while the motorists was permitted to escape. In the second incident a driver moved his car towards protesters lying down in the street in a clear threat to run them over. Again the police permitted that driver to escape, but this time at least no protesters were arrested.

After the movie theater action, protesters ducked into the Metro and re-emerged in Crystal City, where streets were blocked again.

Meanwhile another group of protesters lined up on 16th st from the White House all the way to the MD state line in a candlelight vigil

Video-Aggressive motorist threatens to ram civil rights protesters

Video-protesters storm Regal 14 Cinema

Die-In at the Regal Cinema 14 at Gallery Place

Inside the Regal Cinema 14 at Gallery Place

One of two scenarios in which motorists threatened to run over protesters, which constitutes assault with a motor vehicle

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