Hands Up Coalition DC defies NY Mayor's demand for protest moratorium

On the 22nd of December, Hands Up Coalition DC gathered outside the US Dept of Justice to announce that there would be no moratorium on protests against killer cops. NY Mayor DeBlasio has attempted to demand such a moratorium, but protesters are telling him he can have it any time he wants by imposing a moratoriom on cops shooting, choking, and otherwise killing people. One woman said she wanted the DOJ and the White House to show the same concern for "our children" who are being gunned down by the police as for the police who were killed, and only then could there be a moratorium.

The phrase "this is a movement, not a moment" was used by one of the speakers. For protesters to shut up and silence themselves for the Mayor of New York and the NYPD would risk dissipating all the momentum the movement against police killings, stop and frisk, and jump-outs has gathered. This, of course, would be exactly what the police and their masters want. Meanwhile the head of the NYPD's union has essentially declared war.

Organizers announced that NY City will see a major protest on Dec 23ed, one of the biggest shopping days of the year in defiance of NY Mayor DeBlasio's demands. So long as killer cops continue to terrorize communities protesters are vowing "no economic peace," meaning that shopping and other activities that funnel money to the rich (who give the orders to the cops) will continue to be targetted. One speaker went so far as to declare that capitalism itself is responsible for the centuries-long killing spree by law enforcement against people of color. Another speaker reminded everyone that "people get shot in patrol cars" all the time, usually while handcuffed.

It was reported at the protest that FOX News recut a video clip of an organizer saying "we won't stop, we can't stop, 'till killer cops are in cell blocks" to instead sound like "kill cops." Maybe we should call FOX News FAUX News if they are going to libelously recut video clips in this way. Editing video is one thing, putting words into people's mouths is quite another.


Here is another report on the same lie by FAUX News:


Video of the Dec 22 rally at the Department of Justice defying Mr Blasio's demand for a protest moratorium, edited without intentional changes to the meanings of people's words

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