Baltimore/Freddie Grey solidarity protests begin in DC

On the 28th of April, as the curfew threatened peaceful protesters in Baltimore, solidarity protests began in DC. Protesters marched on the White House, only to find Obama's answer to the Question of Baltimore was to barricade the White House. Later a surprise "pop-up" protest blockaded 14th and U sts, and grew over time as bystanders joined in to reinforce the blockade.

Protesters will return to the streets at 7PM Wed, April 29, meet in Chinatown at 7th and H sts, the traditional DC Ferguson location.

Baltimore Update, midnight 4-29: There are reports that Baltimore police were not able to enforce the curfew against protesters. In response they fired pepper balls, "rubber" bullets or other projectiles at protesters or others in the street> DC's own Legba reporting from Baltimore reports at least one protester (not himself) suffered a concussion from a direct hit. Reports are police fired first without being fired upon or otherwise engaged. There is also a report from Baltimore that the fire near Pratt Library was sparked by a police tear gas canister, not a molotov cocktail as some had reported. At 12:19AM multiple livestreamers reported that police were firing pepper balls or similar projectiles at journalists as well as at protesters.

UPDATE from Baltimore, 1:22PM Apr 29: An alleged leader of the fall 2014 Baltimore Ferguson protests named Joseph Kent was snatched by Baltimore police and the National Guard on TV and disappeared for several hours. Just before 3AM he was found to be in "processing" for arrestees.

John Zangas Youtube video of protests around the White House for Freddie Grey

Video of U st shutdown following White House protest summary

Obama's answer to demands for justice for Freddie Grey

The sit-in and blockade begins at 14th and U

Cops stand over the sit-in as a threat

The 14th and U blockade reinforced

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