Calvert County group opposing gas export wins Activist Award

The annual Activist Awards are held in December every year by the Washington Peace Center. At the Dec 11 2014 Awards, the "Be the Change" award went to Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community for their work opposing Dominion's planned LNG/fracked gas export facility at Cove Point.

Video-representative of Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community on receiving the award

Climate First! partially closes PNC Bank branch over MTR coal mining

On the 6th of December, activists from Climate First! showed up at a PNC Bank branch near Dupont Circle. They were there to protest the continuing role of PNC Bank in funding mountaintop removal coal mining. One of them was a PNC account holder, yet PNC Bank shut the doors in their faces, locking out customers in the process. Although bank guards sometimes opened the doors for impatient customers, no doubt others took one look and left.

Two arrested in lockdown at Lusby offices of Dominion contractor over gas export

On the morning of Dec 3, two member of We Are Cove Point locked down at the offices of IHI/Kiewit, a top contractor on Dominion's LNG/fracked gas export project at Cove Point. This was the third day in a row of action in Calvert County to stop Dominion's plans to export fracked gas out of the old, mostly unused gas import plant at Cove Point on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Dominion is in the early stages of a massive rebuild and expansion of the plant to handle large-scale export of fracked gas.

40+ rally in cold rain outside Cove Point gas export site

On the 2nd of December, opponents of Dominion Resources plans for fracked gas export out of Cove Point, MD showed up outside the "offsite A" construction area off MD 2-4 and Cove Point Road. Over 40 people showed up in cold rain to demand that Lusby and Cove Point not become "sacrifice areas" for energy export.

Protesters on Dominion's doorstep-We Are Cove Point photo

We are Cove Point blockades Solomons pier construction site, 7 arrests

On the 1st of December, two residents of Lusby, MD and 5 supporters were arrested in Solomons, MD blocking the gate of Dominion's "offsite B" construction site. Dominion's mostly Texan workforce is scrambling to complete this pier before a Dec 16 moratorium on construction in the water that lasts until mid-March. The Solomons pier is intended for loading "megaloads" from barges onto trucks to travel to Dominion's fracked gas export site at Cove Point, MD.

Youtube video posted by We Are Cove Point and Popular resistance

We are Cove Point photo of gate blockade

Chesapeake Earth First! redecorates at offices of Enbridge lobbyist Hill and Knowlton

On the 30th of November, Chesapeake Earth First!, responding to a solidarity call from Idle No More, redecorated sidewalks and construction boards at the offices of Hill and Knowlton. Hill and Knowlton is the main DC area lobbyist for tar sands pipeline company Enbridge. Enbridge is infamous for trying to build tar sands pipelines over the objections of First Nations communities in Occupied Canada.Each of these is another Keystone XL, like the Keystone all of them cross Indigenous lands, and all of them must be and will be stopped.


Chesapeake Earth First! was here

The Shortwave Report 11/28/14 Listen Globally!

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