Georgetown Solidarity Committee vs Nike: University President's office occupied for two days

Update Dec 9:

University agrees to student's demands, and to meeting by Dec 14. Sit-in withdrawn Friday night. We shall see if Georgetown Nike Air really becomes a thing of the past-or if Nike's Hansae factory stops doing things like locking their workers in

On the 8th of December, the Georgetown Solidarity Committee decided they have had enough of Georgetown University's refusal to cancel their contracts with Nike. At 10AM, a crew of students occupied the University President DeSioia's office, then at around noon a much larger solidarity rally marched into the building and occupied the lobby in front of it as well. As of 6:30PM Dec 8 students are still holding out.

Video including a participant's footage of the building entry and an interview taken inside

The president's office is behind the doors in the back of this photo. More students are inside

Pitchforks and torches at Trump Hotel

On the 14th of November, the No Lame Duck Uprising capped off their protest against the TPP, Oligarchy, and the rise of Donald Trump with a "pitchforks and torches" march from the US Capitol to Trump Hotel

Video-march arrives at Trump Hotel with "torches and pitchforks," sings "tear it down"

Pitchforks and torches for both the TPP and Trump Hotel

SE-SW freeway blocked by anti-TPP/anti-Trump protest

On the 14th of November, the No Lame Duck Uprising blocked a portion of the SE-SW Freeway used by members of Congress on their trips between the US Capitol and area airports. They were protesting against the rise of racist Donald Trump while reminding members of Congress not to attempt to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Video of No Lame Duck/Stop Trumpism freeway blockade

Blocking I-395 against Trumpism