March from World Bank to IACHR remembers Berta Cáceres

On the 5th of April, supporters of Indigenous rights in Honduras marched from the World Bank to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights(IACHR) to remember Berta Cáceres. She was an Indigenous activist murdered by yet to be found killers for destructive projects on Indigenous land, some of them funded by the World Bank. At the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Berta's daughter spoke to the marchers after her meeting with the commission.

Video including Berta Cáceres's daughter's complete speech and translation at the IACHR (11 min 33 sec)

Marching from the World Bank, financer of the kinds of mega-projects people are murdered over

Remembering Berta Cáceres

Argentina Lower House Repeals Laws to Support Hedge Fund Debt Deal

Argentina's lower house of Congress voted 165-86 to repeal two laws that blocked the country from settling its decade-long debt dispute with a group of "hold-out" investors. A US judge approved the $4.65 billion agreement on March 2 on the condition that Argentina's congress revoke the two laws.‎ Argentina's Senate now faces an April 14 deadline to also repeal the laws.

Real Food Challlenge marches against TPP in Baltimore

On the 12th of January, Real Food Challenge marched to the Baltimore office of Rep Elijah Cummings. A delegation met with Rep Cummings, who until now had not made any public commitments concerning this ugly repeat of NAFTA. Asked to take a stand, Rep Cummings told the delegation he was opposed to the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. This statement may cost him corporate donations but will win him votes.

Labor activsts and Vegans protest TPP at Baltimore World Trade Center

On the 4th of February, a mix of labor activists and area vegans showed up at the Baltimore World Trade Center to protest the signing of the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP is a yet to be ratified trade deal that a former steelworker described as "Nafta on steroids" before singing a song of dissent at this protest. All the worst provisions of the trade deal that ate som many jobs (including his) are present in the TPP and as bad or worse than in NAFTA and so many more countries are affected.

Laid-off/outsourced steel worker leads the protest in song

Singing NO to the TPP Trainwreck at the Baltimore World Trade Center

Protest at White House against TPP signing-hours before signing and NZ street blockades

On the 3rd of February Washington Time or Feb 4 New Zealand time, Obama was in Sky City Casino in New Zealand to sign the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership at 5:30PM EST. This is an ugly NAFTA style trade deal the likes of which have not been seen since the FTAA, CAFTA, and the failed Seattle/Doha trade talks. As protesters and heads of state gathered in New Zealand, a broad coalition of groups sent representatives to a protest in front of the White House calling the trade deal "betrayal."

Video of the DC protest with NZ blockade footage 0:33 to 0:55, 2 min 38 sec total

TPP signing gets protest at White House, blockades at NZ casino where it was signed

Activists protest World Bank loans to Uzbek cotton industry known for forced labor

On the 10th of December, activists projected huge images on the sides of the World Bank's headquarters to protest a half-billion dollar loan to Uzbekistan for their cotton industry. Uzbekistan's cotton producers were called out for using child labor and forced labor. The production of cotton with slave labor was supposedly stopped in 1865 by the Civil War in the US, yet the World Bank is lending US tax dollars for the same thing in Uzbekistan today.

45 sec video of projection on World Bank headquarters

Saying NO to slavery-on the walls of the World Bank